Problems + Solutions

Big Picture – the problem

With a growing population expected to reach 9 billion people and a demand for protein estimated to rise 40%, the world’s food producers have a challenge to feed the population with nutritious food while taking into account sustainable farming practices.

Smaller Picture – the problem

Food manufacturers are constantly being challenged by consumers to provide nutritious food and increase the amount of nutrition in their food while meeting consumers’ taste preferences. This presents food manufacturers a problem in adding ingredients that do not affect the taste of products or the functionality of the food application.

From a supply perspective, fava beans are a consistent performer in the prairie climate and provide rotational benefits far superior to any other pulse option. However, farmers struggle to find a consistent end market to sell them to for a fair price.

Big Picture – the solution

With a growing world population motivated to care for the environment we believe selling fava beans as flour will contribute to a sustainable environmental future while providing plant based nutrition in conventional food applications. The fava bean is also a natural fit in the ever growing gluten-free category. Studies are showing improvements to health through consumption of pulses by reducing appetite, which is ideal for weight management. Other research on pulses has also shown other health benefits like stabilizing blood sugar and helping to reduce cholesterol levels.

Smaller Picture – the solution

Fava bean ingredients provide food manufacturers a solution to boost nutrition in new and current food products with the inclusion up to 50% of fava bean flour and flakes without adversely affecting the taste or functionally of their product.

The solution that Prairie Fava brings to the supply challenge is being the company to bridge between the farmers who want to grow fava beans and the manufacturer who wants to increase the nutritional quality of their foods. Prairie Fava has great access to supply through one of the co-founders of Prairie Fava, Cale Jefferies, who also happens to be an owner of a  5th generation seed business, Jefferies Seeds. Through their historic relationships with growers across southern Manitoba and connections to other growers and seed plants across Canada, Prairie Fava has direct relationships with many growers already.