The Story

In 1896, Sid and Mary Jefferies started the farm with 320 acres. They had horses, cattle, pigs, chickens and goats.

Sid and Mary built the first farm house in 1896

Archie Jefferies, Sid and Mary’s son, and his wife Lily, took over the farm in 1929. They expanded the farm by another 160 acres.

The Jefferies thrashing crew in 1927

Ivan Jefferies, Archie and Lily’s son, took over the farm in 1960 with his wife Gwen. They continued to grow the farm by purchasing more land.

In 1978, the farm was featured in Toronto Dominion book

Ivan and Gwen’s only son, Ron Jefferies, and his wife Wanda, moved into the farm house in 1988. Wanda and Ron continued to expand the farm while raising their two boys. Ivan and Gwen retired and moved into town.

Proud Grandpa Ivan with grandsons Cale Jefferies and Riley Jefferies

In 1994, Ron was looking for opportunities to diversify the farm. He purchased seed cleaning equipment, founded Jefferies Seeds and started cleaning grain for other farmers.

Winter wonderland on the farm in 1990

In 2002, the cows were sold so that Ron could focus on their growing seed business.  It was also at this time that Ron started planting soybeans and pulses for seed to sell to other farmers.

Ron and family in 2000 winning Manitoba Farm Family of the Year

By 2013, Jefferies Seeds had expanded to over 2,000 acres and invested in irrigation systems.

Jefferies Seeds

In 2014, Jefferies Seeds started growing and selling fava bean seed to farmers.

3 generations of farmers in 2014 –  Riley, Cale, Ron and Ivan Jefferies

Both of Ron’s sons moved home in 2015, allowing Ron Jefferies the honour of passing the reigns over to Cale and Riley Jefferies.

Cale Jefferies married Hailey in 2015. These two entrepreneurial spirits saw an opportunity to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based proteins with fava beans, and together they founded Prairie Fava.

Hailey and Cale Jefferies in a great looking fava bean crop

Prairie Fava officially started processing and marketing fava bean products (flour, flakes and dehulled beans) in 2017. A food ingredient company, Prairie Fava is ideally poised to be the link between farmers who grow high-quality fava beans and food manufacturing companies who are motivated to meet the growing consumer demand for plant-based protein.

Hailey and Cale Jefferies proudly operating Prairie Fava