What is Fava?

Fava’s provide great nutrition, specifically they’re a great source of protein and fiber. They are also naturally light in flavor making them an easy ingredient to add without getting that “beany” taste. There are also studies showing that in general how beneficial eating legumes are to our health. They can contribute to prevention of diabetes, cancer, heart disease while also being ideal for weight managment.

Fava also happen to be a sustainable food source. Out of all the pulses (beans, peas, and lentils) fava’s fix the most amount of nitrogen to the soil. Allowing farmers to use less nitrogen fertilizer.

Fava ingredients can help provide people better nutrition in current and new food products which will equal to overall healthier people while being a healthy crop for our world. Healthy people + healthy planet = a win win!

Fava Beans (Vicia Faba L.), also known as Faba Bean, Broad Bean, Horse Bean and Field Bean, are part of the Legume Family.

A better way for food manufacturers and processors to boost nutritional content in conventional and gluten free products

Favas are high in quality protein making them an excellent plant-based ingredient.

Because Favas are naturally light in flavour, it makes them a terrific inclusion ingredient to maximize on your protein content without any negative affect on flavour.

Favas are one of the highest nitrogen fixing crops. This improves fertility of the soil, reducing the need for nitrogen fertilizer for other crops.